Advanced Persistent Threat Assessment
Advanced persistent threats (APT) are launched by a group, such as a foreign government, organized crime, or hacktivist network, with both the capability and intent to continually and effectively target a specific entity. Typical perimeter defense products and other standard security controls are no match for a multi-dimensional, coordinated, ongoing attack on a Fortune 1000 corporation, government agency or other prominent organization.
The potential risks are enormous. Such attacks are goal-oriented and designed to steal intellectual property, classified intelligence, and other high value information. APT’s combine automated attacks, malicious software, and social engineering with the added element of human coordination. As such, the attack strategy can be adjusted based on whatever information is learned from each previous hacking attempt. Lastly, with the potential payload so high, APTs are designed to deliver results over an extended period of time. Thus, APTs can utilize stealth processes that go largely undetected until it is too late.
What Spinetech Universal Offers
The rise in advanced persistent threats has created the need for a new type of IT security assessment. Rather than a series of discrete scans and tests, Spinetech Universal’s Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Assessment utilizes a multi-layered, shared knowledge based security approach, employing many different attack vectors over a period of time. The scope of testing includes:
• Zero Packet Reconnaissance
• Social Engineering Assessment
• External Network Security Assessment
• Internal Penetration Test
• Internal Vulnerability Assessment
• Reports & Recommendations
How It Fits Into Your Information Security Program
While threat detection products and automated scanning solutions play an important role in your information security program, APTs are designed by their very nature to “fly under the radar.” By replicating the methodologies that an organized group of cyber attackers might employ to target your company, Spinetech Universal’s Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Assessment will help you understand your attack surface and vulnerabilities from a holistic vantage point. We’ll find vulnerabilities exposed by weaknesses in your defense that may only rise to a critical level when combined and exploited – something automated tools can’t look for.
Spinetech Universal communicates our findings during the planning, discovery and attack phases of the assessment to illustrate the progressive nature of such attacks. We show how remediation must be implemented across multiple aspects of the IT infrastructure and will often require cross-functional teamwork within the organization. Because of the extreme risk posed by such threats, our APT assessment will also help justify increased budgets for new security initiatives.