Enterprise Solution
Spinetech Universal’s Enterprise Security Program delivers continuous and durable improvements in information security and helps develop a culture of security awareness within your organization. The program provides a systematic reduction of vulnerabilities over time, even as your company adds new employees, systems, applications and customers.
Spinetech Universal’s Security Assurance Program is a process-driven cycle of regularly-scheduled assessments, validation, remediation, and reporting. By making a commitment to this process, CIOs and CSOs reduce overall business risk and gain quantitative confidence in their IT security management policies and programs. With fixed price monthly fees, your investment in information security can be a closely calibrated operational expense that increases business value.
A key element of Spinetech Universal’s Enterprise Solution is our IT security decision-support web portal. With two-factor authentication for secure login and a graphical user interface, the portal displays valuable information on your security environment and the progress you’ve made over time. Perhaps most importantly, the portal also helps you communicate these results to all stakeholders in a clear and concise fashion. Lastly, the portal serves as a central repository for all your historical Spinetech Universal information security assessments so they can be accessed and referenced easily.
What Spinetech Universal Offers
• Ongoing security testing and validation of security fixes
• Periodic conference calls and in-person meetings with our security and compliance team. (monthly or quarterly, depending on plan)
• Real-time view of current information security risk
• On-demand management reports for security trending
• Business decision support reports
How It Fits Into Your Information Security Program
The essential components of an effective information security risk management program are consistent across the spectrum of security and compliance guidelines. These guidelines and general industry best practices define the risk management process as a continuous cycle through three steps: risk assessment, control implementation and control assessment. Diligent dedication to this process ensures that business units and IT organizations focus their limited resources on the most important issues. The process also ensures that security controls are consistent with policy. By coupling security control validation and ongoing assessment with a hosted information security decision support offering, Spinetech Universal’s enterprise assurance program helps the risk management process deliver business value.